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European Adventures – Rocking in Roth

The last 2 weeks have been a bit of a whirl wind. First of Roth, and then Poznan.

Roth – Breaking 9hrs, 8:51:59, 4th place -and becoming the 6th fastest Britain over the full distance.

Poznan – Winning! My first win as a Professional

So much has happened and seeing as my blog entries are long on the whole anyway, this one is being split into two parts. First up Rocking in Roth!

Solar Hill! Just incredible!

Solar Hill! Just incredible!

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Understanding Utah – St. George US North American Pro 70.3 Champs

  1. 7th place in North American Pro Championships – I’ll take that.
  2. Not everyone has great days – a below average performance doesn’t suddenly mean you are rubbish at the sport.
  3. Use the performance, the feeling, the knowledge, to fuel you to the next, ‘don’t let up until you are happy with your race’ – better never stops, don’t die wondering.
  4. Now move on.


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Here we go again… Two in Two Weeks… Ironman Taupo

It’s been over 2 weeks since I raced Kellogs Nutri Grain Ironman New Zealand. I’ve spent the past week back in Australia and Sydney and Melbourne, catching up with friends and contacts and generally continuing to chase summer. It’s been manic but it’s been awesome. Visiting friends, my favourite places, body surfing with the gang at Bondi, drinking far too much Aussie coffee and catching up with even more friends and fab people. I even managed a day of fun filled swim bike run filming with Witsup in Melbourne! I’m now back in New Zealand and Christchurch where I’m starting to ramp back into training but still keeping things quite fluid and flexible, before I really get stuck into the next part of the journey. I’m pretty excited.

Here we go again... two in two weeks for me... first ever for Francine!

Here we go again…two in two weeks for me…first ever for Francine!

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When in Wanaka…

I’m sitting looking out over the beautiful mountains surrounding Lake Wanaka. This time last week I had crossed the line at Challenge Wanaka, finishing second just over 3mins behind the winner Yvonne van Vlerken. This time next week I hope I will have also crossed the line, this time at Ironman New Zealand.

High Fives with Lilliana after crossing the finish line. She also presented me with my medal which was pretty special.

High Fives with Lilliana after crossing the finish line. She also presented me with my medal which was pretty special.

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Return to Oz – Mandurah 70.3

Flying into Sydney from Christchurch felt good. It was familiar. I’ve spent 7.5 years living in Sydney so have some strong ties and connections and it was good to land back on Australian soil, albeit for only an hour in Sydney airport before connecting on to Western Australia and Perth.

Fun times in Mandurah #stefface - tribute to Stef Hanson from Witsup!

Fun times in Mandurah
#stefface – just for Stef Hanson from Witsup!

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It’s taken a few days (ok weeks) to think about putting something down about the last few weeks/months and my last couple of races.

To be honest, I’ve been in what I think is called a hole. Mentally more than physically, and it’s taken a lot of grumpiness, moping, and generally feeling sorry for myself, before I’ve managed to kick that to touch and start to think rationally, see logically and basically put things back in balance. There’s been a lot of self talk, a lot of questioning, a lot of reasoning, like I said a lot of moping and generally scraping myself off the floor.

Pre race contemplation - CDA 2015

Pre race contemplation – CDA 2015 (photo cred. Sue Hutter)

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The Number 3

Today is brought to you by the number 3 and the letter A… for ARGHHHHHHH!

So I was hoping for ‘third time lucky’ with my race in Knoxville, but I guess it was the other saying of ‘things come in threes’?

I headed to Challenge Knoxville off the back of two bad races. Completely unrelated issues but none the less two results and performances I hadn’t wanted and wasn’t proud of.


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Taking the ‘Oh’ out of Oceanside…

I wasn’t going to write a race report of Oceanside 70.3. I wasn’t really sure what to say about the race, but after tossing the idea around and actually whilst I was out on a steady run on Sunday, I felt it was the right thing to do to just capture a few thoughts and learnings. Every day is a school day right?


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Fabulous February

What a month it has been! February you were fantastic!

I’m now back in San Fran after a great few days in Sydney capping off a pretty awesome February. It was so good to back   Down Under catching up with friends, visiting favourite places and diving in that ocean at Bondi Beach. Sydney is still a very special place for me, but I’m now settling back into my life here in the USA, with a new focus, motivation and mindset.

SOAS Podium at Challenge Wanaka (Photo: Challenge Wanaka / Getty Images)

SOAS Podium at Challenge Wanaka (Photo: Challenge Wanaka / Getty Images)

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The Roller Coaster….Ironman Arizona Race Report

Welcome to the Amusement Park and the Rollercoaster ride of an Ironman!

This is how they should describe the entering and the lead up to an Ironman, even the race.


The last few weeks I’ve gone through so many emotions. From head in the sand and complete denial that I was racing an Ironman, to unbelievable excitement and huge amounts of energy (was that the taper?), back to utter fear of that unknown and shitting it…there were even a few tears (very briefly)…

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