Giving Back

Sport has given me so many amazing opportunities throughout my life, and I've learnt so many skills and lessons from playing and competing in sport. Below are some of the organisations I am very proud to be associated with and hope I can inspire and encourage others to get involved.

I’m incredibly honoured to be an Athlete Ambasador for the Women’s Sports Trust. To stand along side amazing athletes such as Anna Watkins, Chrissie Wellington and Shelley Rudman and the other ambassadors is truly special. Born off the back of the London 2012 Olympics, “Inspire a Generation”, WST aims to promote and encourage greater engagement with women in sport, through participation, spectatorship and media coverage, and create a platform for role models to emerge.

Head honcho Stef Hanson (aka Chief) is raising the profile of women in triathlon at a startling rate. She’s full of energy and enthusiasm and I reckon just a little bit mental, but she’s bloody brilliant at it all! Witsup is a huge voice and support in women's triathlon, working to give us exposure and the media attention deserved. Interviews, articles, race reports, videos and more, is changing the way the sport is viewed. Thank you Stef!

Check out the website and follow and Stef on Twitter and Instagram.

Sisu: (noun) determination, bravery and resilience

I was introduced to SisuGirls through a good friend and was immediately drawn to the energy of what the organisation is trying to achieve. SisuGirls is about inspiring and encouraging sisu in girls. They are passionate about girls being the best that they can be. I was keen to get involved and so was lucky to become a Global Ambassador for the organisation. I hope I can inspire girls to 'take a leap' and 'have a go' at a sport or activity. I have gained so many opportunities and fantastic experiences through sport when I was growing up, I want to share and encourage this with as many girls as possible.

I first became aware of MORE Than Sport back in 2013, and was keen to get involved. The organisations goals and aims just seemed to resonate with me. I am privilege that I am a Professional Triathlete and can do what I love for my career. However, my career isn't a doctor saving lives every day. If all the triathletes disappeared tomorrow, the world would go on, without a flinch. Therefore through MORE Than Sport, I want to give back. I want to work for the great causes that they support - providing the gift of clean water for life, providing food and meals, providing shelter for the homeless, providing medical relief and education providing a positive change in the class room and giving children an opportunity for a future.

Please check out the MORE Than Sport website to donate or donate to my page here

The Network for Advancing Athletes was introduced to me by a friend here  in San Francisco, and I immediately wanted to be involved.

A non-profit organisation focusing on fostering athlete-to-athlete mentorship and networking among female athletes of all ages and levels of skills, with a focus on the sports of cycling, swimming, running and triathlon.

It’s a great organisation to be involved in, ensuring I can help and support many other female athletes and try to share with them some of the amazing experiences and learnings I have had through sport, and just share an incredible passion and love of sport.

I support equality and fairness in sport. I support equal numbers of Professional Men and Women in races, because it is just the right thing to do. It’s 2015! It’s time! I support developing a sport for Professionals and amateurs at all ages and all levels.

TriEqual is a group of men and women dedicated to fairness, development and equality in the sport of triathlon. As such, TriEqual aims to ensure that all groups within the triathlon community are treated equally and with respect.  Further, we aim to increase participation and diversity by increasing accessibility for all athletes, from beginners to elites.