Giving Back

Sport has given me so many amazing opportunities throughout my life, and I’ve learnt so many skills and lessons from playing and competing in sport. Below are some of the organisations I am very proud to be associated with and hope I can inspire and encourage others to get involved.


Turning shoes and clothing in to opportunity. Something I've been very passionate about, and now excited to launch several partnerships with S4S, through Challenge Family and Neuff-Red, to put our new and used shoes and kit to a second life, helping to fight poverty, support women entrepreneurs and stop textiles going to landfill. For more information see S4S website

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Challenged Athletes

The power of sport. Giving physically challenged athletes the ability to live active lifestyles like the rest of us, as well as to help reach out to those who are physically challenged to see that through sport, any level of sport it their self-esteem can improve as well as sport encourages independence and enhances quality of life. I’ve been fortunate to meet some incredible athletes through CAF, and I’m grateful for every opportunity I get to work with these athletes.

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Womens Sport Trust

I’m incredibly honoured to be an Athlete Ambasador for the Women’s Sports Trust. To stand along side amazing athletes such as Anna Watkins, Chrissie Wellington and Shelley Rudman and the other ambassadors is truly special. Born off the back of the London 2012 Olympics, “Inspire a Generation”, WST aims to promote and encourage greater engagement with women in sport, through participation, spectatorship and media coverage, and create a platform for role models to emerge.

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Professional Triathletes Organisation

Proud to be a member of the Professional Triathletes Organisation, to give a unified collective voice for the Pro Triathletes, as we look to develop and create a better sport for everyone. This is something I'm passionate about, to make triathlon a better sport, more professional, more accessible, more visible. The inaugural Collins Cup takes place in Samorin on 30th May, and it's exciting to be able to support this event and see where it takes us.

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