8 seconds and counting… Taupo 70.3 Race Report


Actually I think I let out an agonising yell on the count of 1, the point at which Meredith Kessler, crossed the line, raising the winners tape, and I stepped onto the finish carpet realising I wasn’t going to be able to capitalise on the opportunity. Getting so close to the win, but so far at the same time!

Champagne Showers! (cred. Darryl Carey)

Champagne Showers!  (cred. Darryl Carey)

I’d run out of road, having been closing the gap to MBK over the run, I’d just run out of distance to haul her in. However, knowing MBK, if there had been another 20m or 2km I know she would have fought to the end and made it hard for me to catch her and pass her.

Fun times chatting with Cam Harper and Meredith Kessler on Facebook Live

Fun times chatting with Cam Harper and Meredith Kessler on Facebook Live

Funnily, the day prior we’d both been interviewed on Facebook Live by Cam Harper and the Ironman 70.3 Taupo team. Cam had mentioned a sprint finish and we’d been joking about it. In all likelihood, none of us really thinking it would come down to that.

Even as I ran out of T2, starting my run, knowing I was about 4minutes down from the lead (not knowing who that was as both MBK and Amelia Watkinson were ahead of me), I shouted to Cam, “I’m going after that sprint finish” but was still kinda joking about it. At that point I had no idea I’d get so close to it actually coming true. Well I held up my end of the bargain, I was sprinting down the finish chute, sadly MBK didn’t wait for me to fully enact the sprint, holding me off and finishing that 8seconds ahead.


8seconds of motivation! Just stepping on to the carpet as MBK finishes

8seconds of motivation!
Just stepping on to the carpet as MBK finishes. (cred. Darryl Carey)


Will that 8seconds haunt me. Hell yes! To come so close. To see the door of opportunity open, but to miss out. Have I gone back over the race and thought of all the places those 8seconds could have come from. Hell yes! For a starters if I’d have had a better swim and bike that would have helped. Even on the run you go back and think could I have pushed it earlier? Did I really run hard enough?




But those 8seconds will motivate me! I’ll use them to create the determination and drive over the coming months as I prepare for 2017.


Race morning was surprisingly warm and dry, compared to the weather forecasts leading up to the race. We were met with a flat, calm and crystal clear Lake Taupo! It really is stunning. Sure it was fresh but it’s just pretty magic on race morning. Within moments of the starter gun, I found myself in no mans land. Well that wasn’t quite the plan. The other women had gone so fast off the start I’d not even had chance to try to find feet which had been the plan, and already before I really got swimming was left watching the splash disappear ahead. So once again it was a solo swim for me. Part of this means I can just focus on my stroke and rhythm, which can be a bonus, but it would be nice to be able to do that whilst sitting in a pack.

Bike miles....

Bike miles….(cred. Darryl Carey)

Coming out of the swim, there’s about a 400m (pretty sure it’s actually more than that) run to T1. I hoped I’d be able to make up some time on the run section before heading out onto the bike and was told I was about 4, 4.5+minutes down from the lead. The bike being and out and back course, means that you only get one chance to see the leaders, when you get to the turnaround at the far end. As I approached MBK was heading back to town, Amelia Watkinson with her. I tried to judge time and worked out I was roughly still about 4minutes behind them. I’d over taken some of the other women in the race on the way to the turnaround putting me in 4th position. Melanie McQuaid was in 3rd and not to far up the road. I’d struggled to find a bit of rhythm on the first half of the bike, but still felt reasonable good and in a good head space, but in hindsight wasn’t really powering and moving how I should have been. I rode the second half better though, making good speed, passing Mel not too long after the turnaround, and setting my sights on hopefully closing the deficit to Amelia and MBK. In the end we all pretty much rode the same time, give or take 5seconds.

Stunning Lake Taupo

Stunning Lake Taupo

The run is two loops along the shores of Lake Taupo. It gives you quite a lot of opportunity to see the other runners ahead, with some longish straight sections where you can gain good sight. But mainly it’s at each end at the turnaround where you can really gauge were you were.

I was quite surprised when, as I approached the first turnaround at ~5.5km, I saw MBK coming the other way with the lead bike, solo. I’d fully expected Amelia to be with her. It was then that I realized the orange vested official on the bike, some 200-300m on the road ahead of me, was actually the 2nd place bike, and was Amelia. It was funny when I’d first spotted the orange vest, I’d wondered why there was an official riding next to two pro men. I’d assumed they were pro men and perhaps one wasn’t very well and so the official was keeping an eye on him. Yes the bizarre things that go through your head! But it now transpired and as I got much closer I could make out that it was actually Amelia with the second placed biker, running next to a Pro male, and I was approaching pretty quickly. I passed Amelia on the return to T2, possible about the 6 or 7km mark, and quickly kept my focus forward, only dealing with Amelia again if she re over took me. Coming to the end of lap 1, I was getting splits that I’d taken perhaps 1minute out of the lead to MBK, and was 3.15mins behind now. Ok so another 1minute on lap 2 and I’ll be about 2minutes behind at the end. Not bad and pretty close but no anything amazing either. However I dismissed these thoughts and just kept trying to keep form and a relaxed rhythm, moving forward strongly. I knew I had to use the tail wind on the way out as much as possible so keeping the body relaxed and tapping away.

Exploring Lake Taupo - post race recovery adventures

Exploring Lake Taupo – post race recovery adventures

At the far turnaround on the second lap I knew I’d taken some more time out of the lead, and felt I could close down more, but again it wasn’t likely to be enough. Once we got onto the lake front, the path weaves in and out of the shoreline, but it gives a good sighting across to where I could see the orange vest of the lead bike, again it was much closer. I knew at this point it was probably going to be my best opportunity, the door was opening…. But was there enough time or distance left. It seemed like I was going to run out, but I had to give it a shot. I knew I just had to keep pushing along strongly and trying to keep my form and just running well. As we got back into town I could see the bike not that far ahead and was now suddenly causing a stir in the crowd and I was receiving splits of 40seconds to the lead. But I was running out of road. The last km of the run, goes down a slight hill, and then along the marina before kicking up a hill back to transition and the finish. It was getting close, both me gaining on MBK, but so too was the finish.

Good friends, huge respect, great support, love this sport.

Good friends, huge respect, great support, love this sport.

Why couldn’t she just wait for me so we could really have a proper sprint finish down the chute! Ha ha! Yes that did actually go through my mind!

As MBK turned off the road onto the grass to the finish, she looked back, and did, I think, a double take when she realized how close I was, yet at the same time I’m pretty sure she knew she’d held me off and would take the win.

Yes if I’d swam faster and biked faster (and to my ability) the 8seconds would have been easy, but also the race dynamics would have changed and who knows what would have happened.

So I now have 8 seconds of motivation to push me into 2017 and onwards!



8 seconds and 8 moments of Taupo


  1. So good to be back in Taupo. I have a fantastic homestay, who I’ve stayed with on all my visits. Murray and Ellen –thank you so much for your hospitality and support always! I also love being able to visit all my favourite places – Spoon & Paddle café for one!
Great story from Peter - starting up Trikit Solutionz!

Great story from Peter – starting up Trikit Solutionz!

  1. Seeing Peter Rameka at the expo with his own stand and products he’s designed! I met Peter in the car park at the race in 2015. We’d parked next to each other and got chatting after the race, with the usual war stories. After that, we kept in touch as Peter was racing the full in March 2016 (at that stage I was undecided). We’ve connected a few times over emails etc. over the year, as Peter was keen to set up a Tri Kit Solutions (trikitsolutionz.com) company and we spoke about different products that could and would be useful. I connected him to the ActivBod range, and so it was a lovely surprise to see the Activbod products on his stand. He’s also developing some great and innovative products to help athletes in the sport. It’s great to see Peter’s passion and energy for this and going out, and giving life a shot!


Iron kids runs - such good fun. These kids have so much energy and full of smiles!

Iron kids runs – such good fun. These kids have so much energy and full of smiles! (Cred. Darryl Carey)

  1. Ironkids – I love these events. They had a one lap, two and three lap run for the kids of different ages. It was so good to see just the pure energy that kids have. It didn’t matter how fast or strong, just the beaming smiles that came across the line to get their medal and high five!




  1. Facebook Live – fun times chatting with Cam Harper and MBK pre race. Trying some banter and bagging out, but speculating about sprint finishes and other fun things.
    Catching up with Sydney friends in Taupo - need to get Barry some Purplepatch kit now as a PP athlete!!

    Catching up with Sydney friends in Taupo – need to get Barry some Purplepatch kit now as a PP athlete!!


  2. Catching up with friends from Sydney as well as watching Garth Barfoot run out on to his second lap of the run. At the age of 80years old Garth is an absolutely legend in the world of Triathlon in NZ. A long time sponsor of many events, he’s always seen still out there competing! As he ran out to start his second lap, he was egging on all the crowd and all of the athletes already finished and sat in the bars and cafes along the front. It was great to see as he made everyone get up on their feet and give him a yell! (Sadly I think Garth just missed the cut off on the run to officially finish. We probably needed to cheer louder!) 
  1. Seeing all the Iron Maori (ironmaori.com) athletes out on the course, taking part. This is such a fabulous organisation and I’m excited to see how their big Iron Maori event goes in March, and how many of the Maori population we can encourage to be active and get fitter.


Hot springs in Taupo! Definitely wearing too many clothes at this point!

Hot springs in Taupo! Definitely wearing too many clothes at this point!

  1. Exploring the other sites and sounds of Taupo the day after the race, on my recovery ride. We headed out around the lake and found some gorgeous bays. Acacia Bay and Kinloch and then headed to Haku Falls, and in the afternoon walked out to the hot springs. Next time I’ll remember to take my swimmers to actually go in the springs, rather than just watching.


  1. Getting so close to the win, just 8 seconds away is good motivation for 2017



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