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Back to standing on my head!

I’m writing this, currently 3hours into a 11hour flight from San Francisco to New Zealand. I’ve been in San Francisco for 18months and it’s flown by. I still feel I’ve only just arrived. Here I now am, on a plane relocating again. OK, so this is just a temporary stint, or as I’m calling it, an extra long training camp, or as my coach, Matt Dixon from Purplepatch is “jokingly” calling it…a holiday!?

Leaping into the next adventure

Leaping into the next adventure – #sundayfunday swim with the EMJ squad before I board my flight to Christchurch, NZ (

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It’s taken a few days (ok weeks) to think about putting something down about the last few weeks/months and my last couple of races.

To be honest, I’ve been in what I think is called a hole. Mentally more than physically, and it’s taken a lot of grumpiness, moping, and generally feeling sorry for myself, before I’ve managed to kick that to touch and start to think rationally, see logically and basically put things back in balance. There’s been a lot of self talk, a lot of questioning, a lot of reasoning, like I said a lot of moping and generally scraping myself off the floor.

Pre race contemplation - CDA 2015

Pre race contemplation – CDA 2015 (photo cred. Sue Hutter)

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25 First Impressions… 4months in San Francisco

So I’ve now been in San Francisco for almost four months and I’m loving it. (Wow! It has flown.) Don’t get me wrong, I do miss Sydney, Australia and as always the UK and my family, but at the moment San Francisco is incredibly exciting and I’m exploring and well, I guess feel a little like I’m on holiday more than anything else. So all things are good.

I thought though, I’d capture a few first impressions and observations I’ve made about this new land (well new to me obviously, it’s not like I’ve become Captain Cook and just discovered it), but this land of stars and stripes, and Oprah, and Mickey Mouse!


So here goes…..

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