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Pants of Perspective – Kona Race Report

I posted a post race thought on Facebook after I finished racing Kona, The Ironman World Championships. I’ve been blown away not just by the amazing messages I’ve received since I posted, but also by all the incredible messages of support, encouragement and show in confidence in me, I received before the race. Thank you. I wasn’t looking for pity or messages, I just wanted to get my initial thoughts out there before I had some time to sit down and write this. 

I said leading into Kona that whatever the result, it wouldn’t change my season. It wouldn’t change the results I’ve had this year, and the development I’ve made and the pride I’ve felt in that. It doesn’t. I’m still incredible proud of what I’ve achieved this year and the results and races I’ve had. Someone just asked me, would I change winning Ironman Australia, and second at Challenge Roth, for a top five in Kona. Whilst I did pause for some time, my answer was no! 

Running along Ali'i Drive pre race

Running along Ali’i Drive pre race (Photo: Witsup)

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European Adventures – Part II

So, where’s Sid now? Well actually on route back to Girona, and by the time this gets posted, I’ll be back in Spain, for the last few weeks and training block in Europe.

I have to say I’ve loved being back in Europe. One thing that has been particularly awesome about being over here for the summer, is the contact I’ve had with my family. It’s coming up to ten years since I left the UK and moved to Australia. Shit! Ten years! It’s therefore been really, really awesome to be able to see my parents and sisters quite a few times over the summer, but also just much easier to give them a Skype call or Facetime. I’ve been able to spend time with my nieces and nephews, and feel that I’m a little bit more than just Aunty Laura in the telly now.

When in Rome...

When in Rome…

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This is Roth!

Where do you start? This race, is just simply awesome!! 

In this race report, or blog, or epic novel (first warning sign), I want to try and convey as much as I can the flavor and atmosphere at Roth, as well as my own race experience and the difference a year makes*. I’ve been trying to shorten my race reviews in the last few months, making them more concise and to the point, however I fear this will be longer, but hopefully the images and energy will capture how special this event is. (*The learnings and take aways will likely come in part 2! Second warning sign!)

It was my second time back to Challenge Roth, as having loved the event and had one of my best performances in 2016, I wanted to come back.

witsup always captures the moment always captures that moment! Thank you! 

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European Adventures

Hola! Buenos Dias! I’m in Europe (Spain to be exact) and it’s fab! I’d forgotten how fantastic Europe was. I have so many childhood memories flooding back to me with the early morning smell of croissants, and the cobbled streets and town squares lined with cafes and restaurants, the ice cream, the sunshine, the weather. In fact so many childhood memories from the holidays we used to take as a family (camping in Europe), that I’m struggling to remember I’m here training and racing and so working, and not on holiday! The struggle is real!

Europe Life!

Europe Life! Girona, Spain.

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That feeling – Ironman Australia Champion

Wow! Where do I start? How do you try to capture and explain the emotions and feelings as I stepped onto the finish carpet and made my way down to raise the tape and claim the title as Ironman Australia Champion 2017. I’m getting goosebumps just as I write this. If I could relive those few seconds, or even try to bottle those emotions and feelings I would.

That Feeling! (photo cred

That Feeling!

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Sometimes you just have to leap…then flap your wings like crazy!

As I write this now, a week ago I was about to board a plane to Melbourne. Just a few hours earlier I was out on a four hour ride in the Christchurch Port Hills. I was enjoying being out and about on the bike. The previous day, the weather had been feral but Friday was gorgeous blue skies and sunshine, with a crisp freshness of Autumn. It was such a fabulous day, I stopped for a quick coffee in Lyttelton, not quite on the training plan, but sometimes you just have to stop and soak it all in. As you do, checked my phone briefly, and read a couple of messages. The night before the idea of racing Challenge Melbourne had been floated, but I dismissed it as far too late in the day. It was Thursday night, I was in New Zealand the race was Sunday in Australia. The messages on my phone were just checking again…was I sure I didn’t want to race?

Photo Cred. NRG Labs

Helicopter Views  (Photo Cred. NRG Labs)

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Do MORE… MORE Than Sport in Langkawi

I am incredibly lucky to be able to do something I love every day, and to travel the world training and competing in Triathlon! It’s an opportunity that not many people have, and so I need to keep reminding myself to make the most of it, every day!

It is a slightly odd concept though, being a Professional Sportswoman. I mean we aren’t exactly adding value to today’s society, at least not in the same way as Doctors are contributing. A phrase that sticks in my head, is something a good friend said to me (and said in the best intentions)…

Along with food parcels, I was able to bring colouring pencils and pads for the children

Along with food parcels, I was able to bring colouring pencils and pads for the children

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Understanding Utah – St. George US North American Pro 70.3 Champs

  1. 7th place in North American Pro Championships – I’ll take that.
  2. Not everyone has great days – a below average performance doesn’t suddenly mean you are rubbish at the sport.
  3. Use the performance, the feeling, the knowledge, to fuel you to the next, ‘don’t let up until you are happy with your race’ – better never stops, don’t die wondering.
  4. Now move on.


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Dear Santa…

Dear Santa, holly

I hope this still gets to you in time. I’m not sure when the last delivery is and I know you must be very busy at this time of year, receiving and reading all the letters from around the World.

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Back to standing on my head!

I’m writing this, currently 3hours into a 11hour flight from San Francisco to New Zealand. I’ve been in San Francisco for 18months and it’s flown by. I still feel I’ve only just arrived. Here I now am, on a plane relocating again. OK, so this is just a temporary stint, or as I’m calling it, an extra long training camp, or as my coach, Matt Dixon from Purplepatch is “jokingly” calling it…a holiday!?

Leaping into the next adventure

Leaping into the next adventure – #sundayfunday swim with the EMJ squad before I board my flight to Christchurch, NZ (

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It’s taken a few days (ok weeks) to think about putting something down about the last few weeks/months and my last couple of races.

To be honest, I’ve been in what I think is called a hole. Mentally more than physically, and it’s taken a lot of grumpiness, moping, and generally feeling sorry for myself, before I’ve managed to kick that to touch and start to think rationally, see logically and basically put things back in balance. There’s been a lot of self talk, a lot of questioning, a lot of reasoning, like I said a lot of moping and generally scraping myself off the floor.

Pre race contemplation - CDA 2015

Pre race contemplation – CDA 2015 (photo cred. Sue Hutter)

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