The Team – Supporters

I am incredibly grateful and lucky for the team I have around me, supporting and backing me as I drive towards World Class performance, pushing my boundaries and limits to be the best I can. I love my sport and I’m passionate and loyal about the brands I build relationships with. It's very much two way relationship that I enjoy, where a partnership and grow and develop over years. 

Challenge Family

Challenge Family

Very excited to be a Challenge Family Ambassador for the European Season 2017. I love what the Challenge brand are doing with their races, in the amazing locations they have as well, and I always feel that Challenge make you feel so incredibly welcome at the event.
Strength For Endurance

Strength for Endurance

I’ve been a fan of Kriss Hendy and Srength for Endurance for a while, so I’m very happy to have Kriss be guiding my strength and conditioning program this year. The Strength for Endurance Kit, has been fantastic, as a globally athlete to ensure I can still train regardless of where I am in the world and what facilities I have. Kriss understands triathlon and endurance sports and gears my conditioning to ensure I’m fit specifically for what I do.


Long time fan of Skins from my early Netballing days through till now. Never go anywhere without my RY400 Recovery leggings, for long haul travel (as well as often sleeping in a pair)! A fantastic brand that use the power of sport to highlight and be a voice many current and key social issues. Follow Skins CEO Jaimie Fuller - a good blog Laura30 for your discount (available on USA, UK and AUS sites)


Super fab colours and designs, makes my swim training so much more fun, and definitely brightens up the pool, and that black line! They swim suits, don't seem to wear out either, no matter how much you swim in them!  Contact me for a discount code.
Sock Mine


Bringing manufacturing back to the UK! Their HQ just minutes from where I was born in England and love being able to support this brand. More importantly, they make great socks and keep my feet very happy!  Use 'sockmate25' for 25% discount


I’ve been training and racing on Vredestein tires for the past few years and have been incredible impressed with the durability and quality of the products. It’s great to be able to partner with the brand for 2018, and I’m excited to try out some of their new triathlon specific tires, but just still have the confident when I’m training and racing I have the best products.


Long time fan of Oakley's, for training, racing and life! Love their sunglasses and I can custom build them to match my kits!
Scicon Bags


Making packing up and travelling with your bike super easy and convenient, that's always going to be a winner for me! My record for packing is sub 4mins! What's yours? Discount code for 25% off: FRIENDSOFLMSIDDALL


#KeepItTogether - No Fuss, just organised Kit! A simple idea to keep your life and kit in order, whether to and from races and training, in the back of your car or even at home, even good for team sports and medical profession! A great range of bags and kit to help keep life simple for you! Love this brand and excited to see it grow!  Discount Code: LAURA10