The Team – Sponsors

I am incredibly grateful and lucky for the team I have around me, supporting and backing me as I drive towards World Class performance, pushing my boundaries and limits to be the best I can. I love my sport and I’m passionate and loyal about the brands I build relationships with. It’s very much two way relationship that I enjoy, where a partnership and grow and develop over years. 

Proud to be part of the Purplepatch team, and to be coached by Matt Dixon, and Paul Buick. Incredible experience, coaching, guidance and support! Purplepatch is also a fantastic community and I love that Purplepatch athletes pop up all over the world at racing and training. 



An Australian brand that keeps the design and manufacturing in house in Australia! I love that. They have retail kit and also have a great team to help with custom made apparel. They turned my ideas into my fab race kit! A company that really offers a two way relationship! I love that too! 

Use my discount “LauraS” to shop away on their retail site. For custom kit, please get in touch with me for more information and so I can refer you and help get things started.


A fantastic TT bike in the Viper R, and great road bike with the Stinger. Both awesome bikes, that ride well and easy to look after (what your Mechanics always want, if you want to keep them on your side)!


It’s great to be able to use Power in my training, racing and recovery rides on the bike, either through the PowerTap Hub, or P1 pedals that I use. Also great to have a good indoor trainer option for is it’s really rough outside!

Great wheels that I use for training and racing, on my TT and road bike. Love my 58/78 tubulars for racing and train with 58s or 38s (road bike). Also good hydration systems and aero bar set ups.


Great products that keep me going during training and racing, with the Shotz gels and electrolyte tablets. Darryl and Steph, the brains behind the products, have been an awesome support to me over he years, providing guidance around my nutrition for racing.

Check out Darryl’s book too …Sweat.Think.Go Faster….on Amazon

Always worn Kask helmets and love them. Race in the Bambino and train in my Union Jack Flag Mojito or Protone. I am a huge advocate for always wearing a helmet and protecting your head, so happy to have Kask helmets protecting mine! 


Long time fan of Skins from my early Netballing days through till now. Never go anywhere without my RY400 Recovery leggings, for long haul travel (as well as often sleeping in a pair)! A fantastic brand that use the power of sport to highlight and be a voice many current and key social issues. Follow Skins CEO Jaimie Fuller – a good blog

Grab your Skins now with my discount code: Laura30 (available on the USA, UK and Australian sites)

Very happy to be back in Zone3 wetsuits after a few years away. A British brand, but with one of the most flexible and comfortable wetsuits I’ve worn. I was also impressed at the speed of the suit when I first wore them back in 2013, so excited to partner with them in 2017 and forward.

laurasid25 – for 25% off